A two year residency between BRA and the Melbourne City Ballet begins in 2016 through to 2017. It is made up of 5 residencies over the two-year period with the final outcome of producing a locally based ballet production to take on tour.

Residency 1
Residency 1

Residency one – MCB will send 2 dancers from the company (male + female) to work with the local dance school (Kirsty’s Dance School) and TC Primary School in Tennant Creek for 10 days as part one of the residency. It will have three major components: 1) Local dancers will learn technical ballet disciplines, 2) MCB will attend culture sessions with the local Indigenous and multicultural dancers of the community to learn culture stories and dances that have been granted permission to incorporate in the development of the local production. 3) The local dance teacher, Kirsty will undertake a professional development mentorship with MCB to continue dance work in between residencies whilst advancing her own professional career.


Dates: 16th-24th March.

Times:  TC School times TBC

               5:30pm-8:30pm Kirtsy Dance School- Monday-Friday

               12:30-6:30pm Kirsty Dance Schhool- Saturday.

Residency two

– This three week residency will focus on: 1) Local dancers learning choreography for the MCB production of ‘Romeo and Juliet, that the company will present for Festival season 2016. 2) Local dancers creating a contemporary performance (ballet and multicultural dancing) to present at the Desert Harmony Festival.

Dates: 11th-1st August 2016.

Residency three

– Dance teacher, Kirsty and two selected local dancers will spend a week in Melbourne for professional development with MCB. They will: 1) spend a week training in the MCB studios with the company, 2) Present a pre-show performance of a MCB production, 3) deliver a Q&A with the audience of a MCB production to discuss the residency work they are doing with MCB.

Dates: 19th-25th November 2016.

To be involved, please contact Kathy Burns, E |


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