In 2016 BRA will present a series of works produced from the Barkly in various Brisbane spaces.  BRA Artistic Director, Kathy Burns, who previously spent 10 years working and living in Brisbane in the film, TV and theatre industry, curates the series.


“The series is designed to connect into the Brisbane community to broaden our artists audience, break down barriers across our boarders for a real look into the NT and act as an invitation to the curious and adventurous to come and experience the Barkly.”


Barkly Regional Arts has a number of exciting and innovative projects that provide a wonderful insight into a region that a very small percentage of Australia has seen.  The work is also extremely valuable as a part of Australia’ s art ecology, so Kathy returns to Brisbane bringing pieces of the Barkly with her.

‘ANYINGINYI MANU’ is the first, being co-curated in this series with PUK COLLECTIVE.

Bush Passionfruit_Tracey Peterson RetrieveArtworkImage.aspx


This visual art exhibition is a brief look into the Barkly nature: bush tucker, bush flowers, animals and elements that can be found across the country. ‘ Anyinginyi’ is a Warumungu word (the local Indigenous language in Tennant Creek) meaning ‘ belonging to us’  and ‘manu’  means ‘ country’ .

RetrieveArtworkImage_3.aspx RetrieveArtworkImage_1.aspx


The exhibition will open on Thursday 11th February Puk Collective, 98 Main St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169 (media release coming soon).


BUSH KITCHEN – A collection of ceramic plates and tea towels

DION DIGITAL MAPPING – A photographic and interactive digital exhibition from Dion Beasley.

A PLACE CALLED WALANPUNPA – A 40 minute documentary and art exhibition.

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