Desert Harmony Festival 2017


The Desert Harmony Festival is hosted by Barkly Regional Arts in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. The Festival is our region’s platform for the culturally diverse population to present, engage, participate and access the arts. On Warumungu lands (Tennant Creek) our predominately Indigenous community, travel across the arid landscape to enjoy 5 days of music, dance, art, film, food, theatre, workshops, adventure tours, sports and cultural activities. The Festival program is a healthy combination of professional locally produced work that showcases the talents in the Barkly region, community performances and Australian productions that travel in and collaborate with local artists to present shows that are truly unique. 

Thursday 3rd August – Monday 7th August 2017

Our 28th Festival will focus on the theme of ‘Dreams and Dreaming’.


Dreams and Dreaming stories and interactive live cooking will take centre stage in 2017 with performances brought into the cooking space. 

DHF14_23-08-2014_GALA DINNER_GRACE BARBE_7303DHF14_15-08-2014_STREET PARADE_4733

This is the opportunity to understand Tennant Creek and the Barkly region and experience the beauty we see every day.

This is the chance to learn and immerse yourself in Indigenous culture and a be a part of an outback town.

The Desert Harmony Festival is for everyone, especially for those seeking an adventure in a VERY remote Australian destination.

Desert Harmony Festival Tickets are now on sale

The annual Desert Harmony Festival (DHF) presents a diversity of artistic and cultural programs celebrating the Barkly region’s unique Indigenous and multicultural demographic. It has been built as a festival of Territory significance and is the Barkly’s main event to; promote artists from the Barkly region, share culture for education and harmony, support community safety through participation, and collaboration with a diverse range of the community. 

MELCB_22.08.16_30380 FAMILY_FIRE_MARLINJA_8379 As a presenter, collaborating with national arts companies and artists, Barkly Regional Arts offers arts experience of excellence to a region that has otherwise no other opportunity. The DHF is therefore BRAs annual flag ship arts project, offering over 5,000 locals and visitors to one of Australia’s remotest locations, the opportunity to interact with and experience the full artistic power of the Barkly region.

DHF13_BAMFEST_01-08-2013_2687DHF14_19-08=2014_DEADLY DANCING_BARRYS PICS_9429

The DHF runs for 5 days in the middle of the tourist and NT Festival season. There are a number of annual ‘evergreen’ events that occur each year, such as; Multicultural Night, BAMfest (Barkly Area Music Festival), Arts Culture Experience Day, and Youth Performance Night. The festival is a combination of these’ evergreen’ events and national headline acts produced with high levels of professionalism by BRAs festival team. The DHF provides the bridge that enables the unique culture, music, visual arts, dance, language and stories of the Barkly region to be shared locally, nationally and internationally.
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