In 2014, Dion Beasley spent a week in his hometown of Canteen Creek, receiving training from Media Mob in still photography and video to capture the houses, dogs and residents of Canteen Creek. With his uncanny memory for landmarks, dogs and direction, Dion then created a remarkably accurate map that features; numbered houses, roads, landmarks, and the dogs that live in each home. Media Mob and Dion then worked closely with Melbourne based company Spatial Vision to create an online interactive map.


You are now invited to experience Canteen Creek by exploring the interactive map below. Hover your mouse icon over the houses, animals and landmarks. When the mouse arrow turns to a hand symbol, click your mouse to bring up the photos, videos and soundscapes captured by Dion and Media Mob. Clicking on the yellow dots on the map will also bring up footage of Dion wheeling through the streets of Canteen Creek. Enjoy!

Barkly Regional Arts is proud to launch this exciting project with an exhibition at the Barkly Regional Arts Gallery on Tuesday 24th March (Full details below). The exhibition will feature a series of printed photographs taken by Dion and Media Mob, the large-scale physical map of Canteen Creek, and a computer station for the public to play with the interactive map.


This Artist With Disability program, funded by Australia Council for the Arts, was designed to further develop Dion’s skills in drawing and mapping and develope new skills in photography and video, and has afforded him another platform for artistic and personal expression.

Tuesday 24th March
Schools: 1pm
General public: 4.30pm
Artists of the Barkly Gallery (Barkly Regional Arts)
65 Staunton Street, Tennant Creek. 


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