As part of Anti-Poverty week, Barkly Regional Arts and the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) will present a live virtual tour of Barkly Regional Arts and the various innovative programs and projects they run. The webcast will display and promote the feasibility and benefits of such work in more remote communities, and will hopefully bring some national attention to the value of meaningful artistic engagement in remote and rural areas.

Hosted by Artistic Director, Kathy Burns, the broadcast will feature live interviews with members of the Winanjjikari Music Centre, Artists of the Barkly, and Media Mob, generating discussions about that integral part that a strong, diverse arts culture can play in engaging people who might otherwise be marginalised.

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The event will be broadcast live from the Barkly Regional Arts website ‘Live Stream‘ page. After the event, it will be available for streaming on demand from the websites of both BRA and the NRHA.

This collaborative webcast is one of the hundreds of events taking place across the country to mark Anti-Poverty Week, 12-18 October 2014. More than ten thousand Australians will be involved in the week overall, which is to highlight the need for research, discussion and action around the causes and consequences of poverty in Australia.

Tune into the live web stream on Thursday 16th October at 9am (Central Standard Time), or 10.30am (Eastern Standard Time).

For more information about Anti-Poverty Week, contact apw@antipovertyweek.org.au or visit the website, www.antipovertyweek.org.au

Some useful links to Barkly Regional Arts programs are:



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