The Gone Bush Tour see’s the Winanjjikari Music Centre, Visual Arts Outreach program, Youth Arts, Digital Media and Radio, working together to bring a holistic suite of multi arts activities to our Barkly communities. The Barkly Regional Arts team will camp out for two weeks in each community, culminating in a community music event to showcase new music by local musicians, a visual arts market, disco for the young people and a community BBQ.


Throughout this tour, The Winanjjikari Music Centre team will work with local musicians to create a Barkly community album. Men, women and children of the community record songs with our mobile recording studio, giving remote indigenous people a chance to have their songs heard on a National scale.


Visual Arts deliver exhibition intensives to women and men in community, focusing on helping to create and deliver product outcomes – as a way of creating sustainable arts practice in the community.

Digital Media (Media Mob) will work on a range of projects, from documenting the recording and visual arts activities, to creating short films and profiles with artists in community. The digital media team will also build content for 8CCC radio through interviews, tag lines and songs.

Youth arts have the young people involved in music and art, to introduce and develop art base skills provided by professional trainers.

WMC_GONE-BUSH-TOUR_27-05-2014_5768     WMC_GONE-BUSH-TOUSH-TOUR_MUNGKARTA_29-05-2014_6338

So why is it a tour?
Our Winanajjikari Music Centre have produced a new album, and this is an opportunity to share their new songs with the Barkly community. At the community concert, WMC headline the event with a full set of new songs to have everyone dancing into the night.

Canteen Creek- March
Mungkarta- May
Epenarra- June
Elliott- July

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