The Winanjjikari Music Centre is the music program of Barkly Regional Arts and operates as a music production house and training centre for Indigenous musicians and music production technicians.

The WMC employees run sound, lighting and staging for Barkly Regional Arts professional events, including our annual Desert Harmony Festival as well as community events across the Barkly region. The WMC employees record musician’s onsite at BRA as well as on country with our remote recording rig and provide all audio needs across BRA programs (e.g. soundtracks for documentaries, creating music radio programs). WMC are also musicians performing at community events and touring.

Music is used as a tool to engage Indigenous people in a range of music programs including: music industry skills development, music recording, music production services for events, music education in schools, music performance and presentation and supported workplace learning.

The vision of WMC is to use contemporary and traditional forms of cultural expression through music to address ongoing challenges and barriers experienced by Indigenous communities. WMC is an innovative example of using creative cultural expression to address issues in relation to, cultural maintenance, unemployment, education, training, health and community well being. 

WMC activities promote social cohesion and community building via the generation of complementary income streams, promotion of positive lifestyle choices and demonstration of intergenerational activities that transmit and celebrate traditional and contemporary music. WMC celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2016.




The WMC Supervisor will collaborate closely with WMC leadership team to coordinate the day-to-day operations of the Winanjjikari Music Centre. The position is a full time position based in Tennant Creek. The role is managed by the EO (operations) and the Artistic Director (artistic plan)


1. WOMAD in Adelaide (March 10-13th). 3 members of WMC will work as support crew at WOMAD. The community music worker will manage all travel, accommodation and work schedule logistics with WOMAD. You will travel with the team and manage day-to-day operations on the ground at WOMAD as well as focusing on professional development and networking opportunities for WMC.

2. Territory Day event (July 1st). Management of all technical production of the event, this includes working to professional incoming touring tech specs, production schedules and technical event bump in/out and running on technical aspect of event. This event is being created by the AD and may require you to engage and co-ordinate musicians to perform and run rehearsals for the event.

3. Desert Harmony Festival (Aug 3rd-7th). Management of all technical production of the Festival, this includes working to professional incoming touring tech specs or creating tech specs, production schedules and technical event bump in/out and running on technical aspect of event. This role is supported by a larger team that is employed by BRA (Sound engineer, lighting designer, event bump in/out crew).

4. BAMFEST (Friday Aug 4th). This is WMC’s main event for the year in the Desert Harmony Festival. Your role will be to create an event lineup with WMC, manage travel, accom, event and schedule logistics of all musicians and provide marketing materials to Festival marketing team.

5. Bush Bands Business (Aug or Sept TBA). This is a week long camp at Ross River in Alice Springs, for the past few years WMC have run the technical music rehearsal- setting up/packing down gear and being on hand during rehearsal for technical support. Your role is to liaise with BBB team and manage logistics plus travel with team to oversee management of WMC team.

6. Rayella touring show (Feb-Oct) This is a major project created by the AD. This is a creative music production working with AD. This includes WMC to record new tracks with Rayella that is being written for this tour, which will be sent away for mastering, and record atmos sounds out bush to create a musical score that links songs in the touring show. You will liaise with music third parties such as the orchestra to send music, lyrics and scores digitally and create tech specs for this touring show.


1. Project and event preparation- training, equipment testing, maintenance and repair or purchasing, venue walk throughs for all technical needs.

2. Training- planning and running specific training that might be useful for WMC team to help with BRA projects and events.

3. WMC and community band rehearsal times.

4. Community events and fee for service work.

5. Administration- documentation of WMC activities for report writing, marketing material to provide to AD for weekly social media updates.


1. Coordinate the day-to-day operations of the Music Centre (activities, projects and events), in close liaison with the EO, Barkly Regional Arts. This includes daily and weekly work plans, and daily and weekly timesheets.

2. Manage the program and production operations of the Music Centre in close liaison BRA Artistic Director, to ensure supportive and collaborative whole-of-organisation productions.

3. Supervise Music Centre workforce to fulfil the requirements of training and music development as outlined in funding agreements.

4. Supervise Music Centre workforce to build the capacity of the music centre to undertake major productions including sound and lighting.

5. Supervise accredited and non-accredited training needs and carry out informal workplace training.

6. Assist Music Centre personnel with performance and promotional opportunities locally, territory wide, and nationally.

7. Adhere to the Music Centre Budget and provide regular workplace activity, project and financial reports.

8. Assist Music Centre clientele with funding applications, copyright matters, contracts and royalty procedures.

9. Liaise with Barkly communities and their musicians regarding community needs.

10. Be willing to partake in BRA initiated cross-cultural courses.

11. Be willing to partake in identified Professional Development courses.

12. Assist Music Centre clientele to input into BRA /WMC strategies.

13. Ensure that there is effective management of Music Centre assets, including an inventory system that is regularly checked.


1. Initial accommodation at staff share house provided until own accommodation found

2. Flights and travel costs for the start and end of contract are paid for.

3. One extra return flight per year to home base


You would:

1. Preferably have experience working in remote locations and high-level cross-cultural awareness

2. Possess skills in technical production and sound engineering and expertise in operating a fully equipped digital recording studio.

3. Excellent skills in live music production.

4. Excellent musical skills and general instrumental knowledge.

5. Excellent written and spoken communication skills.

6. High level interpersonal and leadership skills.

7. Proven record of events management.

8. Relevant qualifications in the music industry or equivalent experience.

9. Hold, or be willing to undertake a Working with Children Clearance Notice.

10. Current NT Driver’s License and 4WD experience preferred


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The annual Desert Harmony Festival is produced and hosted by Barkly Regional Arts in Tennant Creek, NT. The Festival is our region’s platform for our culturally diverse population to present, engage, participate and access the arts. On Warumungu country (Tennant Creek) our predominately Indigenous community, travel across the arid landscape to enjoy five days of music, dance, art, film, food, theatre, workshops, adventure tours, sports and cultural activities. The Festival program is a healthy combination of professional locally produced work that showcases the talents in the Barkly region, community performances and Australian productions that travel in and collaborate with local artists to present shows that are truly unique. http://www.desertharmonyfestival.com/


The Festival Organiser takes care of the day-to-day operations of the Desert Harmony Festival in Tennant Creek, NT. The position is a full time position based in Tennant Creek.

The role is working directly with the Artistic Director.

Key Duties

1. Manage all Festival operations and logistics in collaboration with the Artistic Director.

2. Manage Festival budget and liaise with BRA Office Management on all financial matters.

3. Collaborate with the Artistic Director to manage and create Festival programming.

4. Collaborate and liaise with community groups, individuals and organisations on Festival programming and activities.

5. Management of Festival production.

6. Manage Festival media and marketing

7. Shared responsibility with the Artistic Director for grant writing and reporting

8. Work respectfully with all members of BRA staff.

9. Adhere to BRA’s cultural protocols

10. Be responsible for the appropriate use and safe maintenance of vehicles and all BRA property


1. Accommodation at staff share accommodation for 7 months is provided in Tennant Creek.

2. Flights and travel costs for the start and end of contract are paid for.


1. Qualification and/or sound knowledge of Festival management

2. Experience working with artists and events.

3. Very good levels of computer literacy, numeracy and budget management.

4. Demonstrated ability to build and sustain partnerships.

5. Proven ability to achieve outcomes with a minimum of supervision and direction

6. Excellent time and project management skills and the ability to work cooperatively in a team.

7. Good communication skills across diverse groups, including Indigenous communities, staff and management, government and other agencies.

8. Good level of cross-cultural awareness, sensitivity and understanding of Aboriginal culture, tradition and society.

9. Qualification and/or extensive experience in collaborating with Aboriginal people living in remote communities.

10. Hold, or be willing to undertake a Working with Children Clearance Notice.

11. Current Driver’s License and 4WD experience (or a willingness to be trained).



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