In Between Two


Date: Tuesday 19th September

Venue: Civic Hall

Time: 7pm

Adults $5

Under 18 $2


Experience the storytelling, music and performance of Joelistics’ Joel Ma and Sietta’s James Mangohig as they explore the soundtrack of their mixed heritage.
Beautifully enhanced by rare home movie footage, family photographs and original live music performance, In Between Two navigates the rich territory between two cultures, two generations and two musicians reaching their peak.

Produced by Contemporary Asian Australian Performance, and brought to the Territory by Artback NT, In Between Two is a moving insight into living between two worlds…


Attend a FREE workshop at 3pm on the 19th September at Barkly Regional Arts.

Utilising his vast experience with poetry and spoken word, Joel Ma will run participants through techniques to generate skills in story-telling. Identifying the potent elements in the individual’s tale, Joel will assist them in developing their narrative. Limited spots, please register to  or call 08 8962 2799.

Joel and James talk about In Between Two

The Australian

A large part of the appeal is our fascination with other people’s family histories…”

Daily Review

“These stories serve to remind of the massive diversity amongst Asian-Australian communities

and the way we’re all shaped by the family histories we carry around on our backs. But they’re also

just fascinating stories, very well told.”

Time Out

“…nothing is more satisfying than stories about people who defied cultural and social conventions

to follow their hearts.” 4 Stars



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