Barkly Regional Arts (BRA) is committed to ensuring that arts activities are accessible to all artists across all areas of the Barkly, ensuring cultural maintenance and community development for remote area artists.  As the only Regional Arts Body in the Barkly, BRA supports over 800 artists in 12 very remote communities across 280,000 sq km. BRA works from a hub and spoke model of arts delivery to reach these Barkly communities with a vision to see this model duplicated as the best practice, cross cultural means of delivering arts activities.


As a grass roots, non profit organisation, BRA relies on the support of philanthropists, corporate bodies, donations and sponsorships to support these communities.  For many of these artists, their arts practice is their only source of employment and the support that Barkly Regional Arts supplies to these artists is integral to reaching wider audiences and promoting their work, skills development and knowledge, as well as intrinsic to their cultural heritage and community wellbeing.


As a supporter of Barkly Regional Arts, you become a partner to our unique processes of engagement with these communities and can rest assured that your donation is going directly to support the artists. Please join us and become a part of something bigger – making a real difference in real lives.