Pinarra Aku is a children’s language radio show, teaching Warumungu language. Created by BRA Artistic Director, Kathy Burns, whom co-hosts the show with Rosemary Plummer (Traditional Owner), the show is to educate and keep language alive. Rosemary and Kathy have been creating songs together and teaching language since 2011. They have combined their love of language and education to develop, ‘Pinarra Aku’.

The show is made up of songs written and performed by young people in the Barkly, dreamtime stories, stories written by local people, language lessons and games. The aim is to make learning language fun and simple. Pinarra Aku has been developed to engage primary school aged children, with the hope that schools will listen as a helping tool to incorporate culture and language into the classroom.


The show also features a mascot, called Pinangkarl who is a White Cock-a-too that helps the children say the language words. Tennant Creek children are familiar with the White Cock-a-too, as hundreds fill the Tennant Creek sky so it is an appropriate mascot for the show. The word ‘Pinangkarl’ means: clever, bright.

A PDF ‘Education Guide’ has been created for each episode, which can be downloaded HERE to follow along with the show. It contains language words, transcriptions of stories and activities to keep young people engaged throughout the show. Pinarra Aku invites people to submit their birthdays, so they can be announced in each show and to also send pictures you have drawn in your ‘Education Guide’ so they can be added on the website. You can do so by emailing:

Have a listen to Episode 1 of Pinarra Aku below.

Listen to Episode 2 of Pinarra Aku below and download the Education Guide to see the words and interact with the show.

Listen to Episode 3 of Pinarra Aku below and download the Education guide to see the words and interact with the show.

Listen to Episode 4 of Pinarra Aku below and download the Education Guide to see the words and interact with the show.

The theme for Episode 5 is RESPECT. Listen to Episode 5 of Pinarra Aku below and download the Education Guide to see the words and interact with the show.

Program begins Wednesday February 4th 2015- Wednesday 1st April 2015. Tune in each Wednesday at 9am on 102.1fm or live stream it from

Pinarra Aku is a Barkly Regional Arts program and has been created for 8CCC radio (102.1fm).  The program is funded through an ‘Indigenous program grant’ from the Community Broadcast Foundation.
All enquiries please contact
Kathy Burns
Artistic Director, Barkly Regional Arts
E |
P | 08 8962 2799
The Pinarra Aku team
Creator: Kathy Burns
Produced by Barkly Regional Arts for 8CCC Radio
Recorded in the Winanjjikari Music Centre
Funded by Community Broadcast Foundation
Hosts: Rosemary Plummer
Kathy Burns
Mascot: Pinangkarl the White-cock-a-too
Musicians: Joseph Shannon, guitar, Winanjjikari Music Centre
Mark Hulsman, Keyboards
Post production: Marcus Finlay, Dirk Dickenson, James Winwood, Winanjjikari Music Centre
Logo designer: Lindy Brodie

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