BRA is a grass-roots arts organisation working with community in remote regional Australia that has a large Indigenous demographic. As such, our values reflect this and are largely defined by it. Inherent in all work are embedded values that underpin the whole-of-organisation approach. Our values describe both the organisation and the personnelwho work within it.


•  We celebrate and respect cultural diversity and recognise our unique and rich Indigenous demographic.
•  We act as a catalyst for promoting opportunities for cultural and artistic expression.
•  We aspire to best practice management: focused, efficient and clear in communication.
•  We place the highest value and offer full support to our human resources.
•  We adhere to cultural protocols and appropriate community consultation.


•  We adhere to honest and transparent organisational policy and procedures.
•  We adhere to the principles of reconciliation, social justice and human rights.
•  We adhere to the principle of equal access and social inclusion.
•  We offer opportunities for community creative development and participation.
•  We offer opportunities for professional and artistic development both within and outside the organisation.

•  We offer support and cultural maintenance to the most marginalised constituents.
•  We recognise the necessity to develop arts sectors to high levels of autonomy within the organisation.
•  We recognise the need to encourage strong local, regional and national partnerships.
•  We recognise the need for flexibility to meet community-driven needs.
•  We recognise the value of vibrant artistic and cultural outcomes.