The Winanjjikari Music Centre operates as a music production house and training centre for Indigenous musicians and music production technicians. Music is used as a tool to engage Indigenous people in a range of music programs including: music industry skills development, music recording, music production services for events, music education in schools, music performance and presentation and supported workplace learning.


The vision of WMC is to use contemporary and traditional forms of cultural expression through music to address ongoing challenges and barriers experienced by Indigenous communities. WMC is an innovative example of using creative cultural expression to address issues in relation to, cultural maintenance, unemployment, education, training, health and community well being. WMC activities promote social cohesion and community building via the generation of complementary income streams, promotion of positive lifestyle choices and demonstration of intergenerational activities that transmit and celebrate traditional and contemporary music.


WMC promotes all genres of musical expression including, contemporary and traditional Indigenous music genres, country and western, Aboriginal Rock, Desert reggae, Gospel, Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop. WMC has been intrinsically engaged in the recording of traditional Indigenous music throughout the Barkly since 2008 through their Outreach Program.


Winanjjikari will be exploring more opportunities to continue to record traditional song material and produce professional recordings and collaborative projects promoting traditional song material.

Check out the Barkly Boys latest video clip ‘Dark Knight Max 11’.

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