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Creative Barkly Research Project

Published On: October 29th, 2019Categories: News

Creative Barkly was a three-year research project looking at arts and creativity across the Barkly Region (2016-2019). The aim was to understand how artistic and creative activities contribute to cultural, social and economic development in Barkly communities and the Region as a whole.

Over a total of ten field trips to the region, the researchers administered a survey to 120 individual artists and creative producers (representing 1.6% of the population), and conducted interviews and consultations with representatives from 36 key organisations. Our ecological approach to the arts and creative sector in the Barkly recognised relationships and patterns between traditionally separated domains such as commercial, amateur and subsidised. This made the Creative Barkly study unique, incorporating cross-cultural, cross-art form, and cross-sector perspectives.

This study represents the first independent evidence base of its kind to be generated for arts and creativity in the Barkly.  

This evidence base and comprehensive set of 48 recommendations will be helpful in planning the future of arts across the Barkly. 

To find out more about this important project, please visit the website here.

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