Barkly Regional Arts presents the annual Desert Harmony Festival. Featuring a diversity of artistic and cultural programs, the festival celebrates the Barkly region’s unique Indigenous and multicultural demographic. It has been built as a festival of Territory significance and is the Barkly’s main event to; promote artists from the Barkly region, share culture for education and harmony, and support community safety through participation and collaboration.


As a presenter, collaborating with national arts companies and artists, Barkly Regional Arts offers an arts experience of excellence to a region that has otherwise no other opportunity. The DHF is therefore BRAs annual flag ship arts project, offering over 5,000 locals and visitors to one of Australia’s remotest locations, the opportunity to interact with and experience the full artistic power of the Barkly region.


The DHF runs for 5 days in the middle of the tourist and NT Festival season. There are a number of annual ‘evergreen’ events that occur each year, such as; Multicultural Night, BAMfest (Barkly Area Music Festival), Arts Culture Experience Day, Street Parade, and Youth Performance Night. The festival is a combination of these ‘evergreen’ events and national headline acts – professionally produced by BRAs festival team. The DHF provides the bridge that enables the unique culture, music, visual arts, dance, language and stories of the Barkly region to be shared locally, nationally and internationally.


With endless horizons, rolling hills, vivid blue skies and a blanket of red dirt, explore outback Australia at its finest. Log onto our official festival website to purchase tickets, view our festival program, and keep up to date with the latest festival news.