Through its visual arts programme, Barkly Regional Arts promotes access, development, and recognition of visual arts practice in the Barkly. The Artists of the Barkly collective represents over fifty Aboriginal artists living in five remote communities across the region: Tennant Creek, Wutunugurra (Epenarra), Owairtilla (Canteen Creek), and Kulumindini (Elliott), Mungkarta (McLaren Creek).


Free access to a safe, comfortable working environment and quality materials is crucial to supporting visual arts practice in the Barkly.

Barkly Regional Arts operates its visual arts programme in five communities across the region. The programme provides year-round access to studios staffed by arts workers local to each community. Artists are equipped with high quality art materials allowing for consistent creative production.


Our comprehensive annual programme of professional development workshops supports the production of great art in the Barkly.

Each year visual artists are given access to regular workshops delivered by experts in painting, pottery, and fibre art among other crafts. This allows artists to expand their horizons and develop their practice across multiple disciplines.

Our artistic programme frequently includes collaborative projects with leading creative practitioners from across Australia, providing the Artists of the Barkly access to the many benefits of collaborative practice, facilitating cross-cultural creative dialogue, and connecting communities.

Regular trips to Country, exhibitions and events further support artist’s creative practice, becoming a source of inspiration and promoting engagement with the broader landscape of contemporary art.


Barkly Regional Arts is dedicated to promoting artist’s work, aiming to support the recognition of great art from the Barkly.

We participate in key industry events, including Desert Mob and Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, supporting artist’s participation in the broader Aboriginal art sector.

Along with participating in a programme of industry events, we collaborate with industry leaders across Australia to place artist’s work in ethical and reputable galleries and source group and solo exhibition opportunities for the Artists of the Barkly, maximising sales opportunities, and critical recognition for artists.

Additionally, Barkly Regional Arts enters exceptional works by leading artists into art prizes throughout the year, aiming to further supporting critical recognition of works by members of the collective.