Hello, We’re Barkly Regional Arts.

We’re the hub for arts in the Barkly, a region that covers an area of around 322, 717 square kilometres of Australia’s Northern Territory.

The largest town in the region is Tennant Creek, approximately 1000km south of Darwin and 500km north of Alice Springs, a place where vivid blue skies form a canopy over a vast expanse of red dust. And that’s where you’ll find us. From our visual arts and music studios in the heart of Tennant Creek, we do outreach with the area’s remote communities, producing art and music that tell the stories of the Barkly.

What we do

We collaborate with remote Indigenous communities to foster access, development and recognition of arts in the Barkly.

Why it matters

Art made here is significant not just as a way of preserving culture, but also a means by which the community can come together, celebrate culture and Country and, not least, earn income. The work of our artists reflects the remote, unforgiving desert landscape and harsh conditions, yet also portrays the charm and magical beauty of this region.

It all began in 1996 when Barkly Regional Arts (BRA) started as a networking and resource organisation for communities comprising sixteen language groups who live in the Barkly Region. These include Waramungu, Warlpiri, Alyawarr, Kaytetye, Warlmanpa, Wakaya, Mudburra, Wambaya, Jingili, Kudanji, Ngarnga, Bingbinga, Garrawa, Yanyuwa, Waanyi and Mara. By 2007, the organisation’s focus was firmly on the arts and BRA was granted a six-year Community Partnership agreement from the Australia Council of the Arts.

In addition to their ongoing support, we’d like to acknowledge the generosity of Arts NT, the Commonwealth government’s Office for the Arts Indigenous Languages and Arts Program and the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support Program. We’re also grateful to Audio-Technica for their continued support of Winanjjikari Music Centre. Consistent funding has not only allowed us to hire key staff but also enabled many artists and musicians to earn independent income and develop a sense of pride and dignity.

Our Purpose


We facilitate the production of art and music by providing Barkly communities with access to studio space, materials and equipment.


We encourage artists to develop their talent by facilitating ongoing, career-long professional development programs.


We provide access to platforms for artists to exhibit and perform locally, nationally and internationally, supporting them as they build recognition for themselves and their communities.

Our Team

Kate Riethmuller
Kate RiethmullerOperations Director
Katie Lynch
Katie LynchArtistic Director
James Winwood
James WinwoodMusic Manager
Maitlin Waugh
Maitlin WaughVisual Arts Manager
Dirk Dickenson
Dirk DickensonMusic Media Sound Engineer
Humayun Rashid
Humayun RashidAdmin and Finance Officer
Reggie O'Riley
Reggie O'RileyMusic Producer
Warren H Williams
Warren H WilliamsMusic Education Facilitator
Blake Chitty
Blake ChittyVisual Arts Facilitator
Sarvika Mishra
Sarvika MishraCommunication and Events Officer
Julie Peterson
Julie PetersonEpenarra Arts Worker
Fiona Corbett
Fiona CorbettCanteen Creek Arts Worker
Mary James
Mary JamesKulumindini Arts Worker
Annette Nungala
Annette NungalaEpenarra Arts Worker
Larry Belton
Larry BeltonStudio Technician
Heather Anderson
Heather AndersonTennant Creek Community Liaison
Harold Dalywaters
Harold Dalywaters Elliott Community Liaison

The Barkly Region

The Golden Heart of Australia.

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