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In 2013 8CCC Tennant Creek was launched. This event was the culmination of several years collaboration and planning between Barkly Regional Arts, 8CCC and CAAMA Radio.

The studio is now fully equipped with state-of-the-art digital recording and broadcasting equipment which operates from the BRA / WMC precinct.

8CCC’s Mission is to involve and support the Tennant Creek and Alice Springs communities with services, programming and content that is not readily available in the commercial broadcasting arena.

8CCC is a community-run radio station that works to promote and foster a community and multicultural voice through the electronic media. 8CCC Community Radio aims to enrich people’s lives with a diversity of programs and services that inform, educate and entertain.

Tune in to 8CCC on 102.1FM or stream via Radio Garden.

Slide Warren H Williams linking back to CAAMA radio via the 8CCC Barkly Studios Slide James Winwood & Reggie O'Riley of the Winanjjikari Music Show. (Photo: Winanjjikari) Slide Dirk Dickenson, Reggie O'Riley & Stuart Liddell (8CCC Station Manager) during live coverage of Desert Harmony Festival. (Photo: Barkly Regional Arts) Slide 8CCC Promotional Image - Radio broadcast system upgrade project. (Photo: Edan Baxter) Slide Dirk Dickenson on the airwaves. (Photo: Winanjjikari) Slide 8CCC signal relaunch in Tennant Creek after long absence. Corrinne O'Keefe, Joy Taylor, Kathy Burns, Shane, , Weezy, Ciara Buckley, Jeff Kessel. (Photo: Edan Baxter)

For more information about 8CCC Community Radio, visit

Getting involved with your local community radio is lots of fun and a great way to build new skills! If you’re interested in being a part of Barkly Radio and 8CCC, but not yet ready to do your own show, there are regular training sessions and other projects you can be a part of.

To submit a show proposal and become a presenter visit this link Show Proposal

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