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Shadow Water by Ray Dimakkari Dixon

Published On: March 15th, 2024Categories: Music

Mudbarra Man, Ray Dixon, has returned with his eponymous second solo project, following the success of his debut, Standing Strong Mudbarra Man, which garnered critical acclaim and a nomination for the National Indigenous Music Award Album of the Year. Ray Dixon persistently strives to discover new sonic landscapes within his Marlinja community in the Northern Territory, located 700km south of Darwin. His latest release, Shadow Waters, contemplates the wisdom his homeland imparts and the ways in which this knowledge is shared.

Ray performing at Nannup Festival in WA

Ray Dimakarri Dixon introduced his Shadow Waters EP at the Nannup Music Festival in Western Australia. Across three days, the festival curated a diverse fusion of folk, rock, country, reggae, and rhythm, showcasing talents from Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and beyond. Collaborating with musicians Joshua Kreusler and Zac Grafton, the group melded jazz nuances into a compelling reinterpretation of both classic and contemporary pieces. Taking to the Amphitheatre stage on Saturday, the ensemble delivered an enthralling performance.

Shortly thereafter, Dimakarri shared laughter and fond memories with his dear friend Kutcha Edwards. Later that evening, we were mesmerised by a captivating show from Kutcha and his band. The following night, Dimakarri held the audience spellbound with an intimate performance at the Town Hall, offering reflections on his upbringing, the origins of his name, and his deep-rooted connections to country and family.

Album Cover

Dimakarri distributed his Shadow Waters EP to festival-goers in envelopes containing native seeds sourced from Albany, WA, along with download codes for the record. This concept intertwines with the narrative behind his album title, symbolising the combination of water and seeds to nurture growth over time and cast new shadows.

Listen to his bran new EP here.

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